saubhagya na dagina toh vadnerkar jewellers naaj.

Vadodara Jewellers Association

1. Does Vadnerkar Jewellers offer Jewellery on Khata System?

“Khata” or credit systems are strictly prohibited.

2. Is the showroom responsible for my personal belongings or ensuring the correct weight of gold, silver or jewels in the jewellery purchases?

During purchase of any jewellery, kindly check the weight and selected item and kindly keep a watch on your belongings. Jewellery store shall not be responsible for any grievances regarding loss or misplacements.

3. What is the standard payment policy at Vadnerkar Jewellers for placing orders?

Along with the placement of the order, 100% payment must be made in advance.

4. If a customers makes the partial payment during jewellery purchase and the price of jewellery changes by the time of delivery, will that affect my purchase?

If the full payment is not made during placement of the order, the price differences between the time when the order was place and the time of order delivery shall be borne by the customer.

5. What is the policy for damage or repair of jewellery purchases from Vadnerkar Jewellers?

If newly purchased jewellery gets damaged, only repairing shall be provided. Even then, if the replacement with new jewellery has to be considered, then new making charges shall be levied.

6. What is the comprehensive refurbishing and repair works policy at Vadnerkar Jewellers?

In the process of repairing gold jewellery, soldering adds blackening. Re-polishing the blackened zones may leave marks of polishing and blackening traces. The repairing labour charges, rhodium charges shall be applicable additionally. During repairing, if additional gold needs to be added, the price of that gold shall be charged separately.

7. How shall the repairing of Jadtar Jewellery be charger?

Jadtar Jewellery repairing shall require opening of each kundan work. The labour charges for the same shall be charged separately.

8. What is the return/buy-back policy at Vadnerkar Jewellers?

In case of returning the jewellery, customers shall have to present the purchase invoice the jewellery items.

9. Is it normal for the weight of jewellery to reduce after routine use?

Routine use of jewellery does cause loss in jewellery weight because of friction and rough scrapings. This is why jewellery returned or sold after use, tends to weigh lesser than the weight while purchasing it.

10. Does color of jewellery change over time? What are the factors that play a role in it?

According to our association and World Gold Council, some of the reasons behind changing of color in jewellery during routine use can be caused by several factors including but not limited to – advanced machinery work, chemical polish process, user’s sweat and skin reactions, hair spray, hair dye, perfume spray, beauty product, etc. Such color changes can be easily corrected by re-polishing.


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