saubhagya na dagina toh vadnerkar jewellers naaj.

Know Us

Vadnerkar Jewellers is name of trust and transparency in Vadodara, Gujarat since over 25 years. With the sole mission to disrupt the creative jewellery and precious possessions realm; we have made a deep and profound impact in lives and countless memories of customers that have stayed loyal to us for over two decades.

Inspired by the blessings and vision of Shri Manohar Vadnerkar, the first humble showroom was realized on 28th April 1994, at Parkarwada, Dandi bazar. Reigning from the heritage of goldsmiths (Karigars) and rich culture of Maharashtrian Aahir Suvranakars; Vadnerkar Jewellers is imbued with generations of experience. Late Shree Manohar Vadnerkar stepped up and took charge of his responsibilities at a young age of 10 years. Soon became popular by the name Manubhai engraver all over. In 1986, Shree Pradip Vadnerkar joined the family business along with pursuing an illustrious academic excellence of M.Com, LLB. Shree Pradip Vadnerkar’s younger brother Shree Prashant Vadnerkar also joined the family business after his science graduation. The journey that began in 1994 soon saw its fruition into a new showroom in Bhrampuri Dandia Bazaar; that eventually grew multistoried with persistent success.

Our customers are not just customers for us, but are also our family that have stayed with us, supported us and chosen us for every special jewellery shopping occasion.

Although we exclusively specialize in traditional Maharashtrian jewellery collections; our routine-wear jewellery collections have never stepped back from adorning the households with the mystical touch of ornamental elegance.

We also offer some really cool and trendy office-jewellery collections that get you gorgeous appreciations from all over the urban work-cultures.

We believe that making good jewellery is a precious art, but making precious lifestyle enriching jewellery is what it takes to take your looks that royale feel, it righteously deserves.

In the past two decades, Vadnerkar has become a popular Jeweller of the city that routinely attracts hundreds of footfalls and some thousands of repeating customers every year. Our jewellery collections, honest practices, trust and family-like customer experiences have attracted people from all over the state.

We promise that you shall not just find the best jewellery that you came looking for, but a lot more...

Whether it is the better-half that you are marrying to… or a marriage anniversary date that you forgot… or a casual remembrance token to a special friend… or a gesture of love to celebrate your years of togetherness… or even… just an investment in precious metals… Vadnerkar is the shining master-key to unlock all your memories and turn them into timeless occasions.


Pratap Rd, Dandia Bazar,
Jambubet, Vadodara,
Gujarat 390001
Tel: +9189808 00744